India offers China business opportunity with coroner virus: AABC’s president


The ABC said it would give China the chance to trade with the coronary virus. (Apple Export Promotion Council) Sakhativell said.

The Indian Backward Eye Site System and the Cooperative Export Development Corporation (SIDS) and the International Eyelash Glasses Association (IGF) are presenting international backlash glasses twice a year. The exhibition is being held on campus. As part of that, the 47th edition of the International Summer Summit will be held from 17th to 19th. There are more than 40 halls on display. The exhibition is being held to receive orders from foreign traders for making special knitwear for 2020-21.

About the exhibition, a. Satyajit told reporters: The 47th summer exhibition is starting in Tirupur. Cotton is made in Tirupur. However, synthetic textile clothing has become increasingly popular worldwide. Countries including Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia are more accepted than India. Wearing garments made worldwide, there is a huge potential for marketing.

The APC has been able to capture it. We have formed a new team on your behalf. We will collect various information through this team to improve exports. Most Chinese businessmen did not attend the United States due to the coronary virus infection. So China’s business opportunity for India. Similarly, we set up a web service called B2B2000. Many foreign traders and exporters have registered for this. This year, exports will increase by 10 to 15 percent. We’re working on it. In doing so, he said.

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