How many likes on Facebook? – Facebook plans to hide the number

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Facebook plans to introduce a feature that hides information about how many customers will be able to use their registration and photos on Facebook.

Facebook also plans to launch the feature on Facebook following Instagram.

Processor expert Janne Monsoon Wang has found the ability to hide the likes of posts posted on Facebook by just the person concerned.

This information has been confirmed by Facebook. Accordingly, we plan to introduce a test method that will cover the number of lines; However, the test has not yet been launched, “a Facebook statement said.

Previously, in the Instagram processor, the feature was introduced to the registrar’s preferences other than its owner.

Launched in Canada in May, the facility has expanded to six countries – Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

What is the reason

Explaining the reason for launching the feature, Facebook said: “How many Facebook users are concerned about how many posts they have made and how many likes they have received. We decided to relieve them of stress. “

Earlier in April, Adam President of Instagram President Adam Moses said, “We want people to spend more time with the people they love, rather than thinking about how much they like Instagram.”

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