Govt hikes tariff on petrol and diesel by Rs 3 per liter

Petroleum crude oil prices dropped Diesel The central government today announced a tariff of Rs 3 per liter.

The increase in tariff is effective immediately.

The new tax is expected to bring an additional Tk 2,5 to the central government. The revenue generated from these taxes will be of great help in meeting the revenue deficit, as the central government is unable to meet the financial deficit.

Petroleum crude oil fell sharply in the international market, falling to a barrel 36. This price reduction is equal to 2004. Thus gasoline, Diesel The price was expected to be reduced to Rs 8 per liter.

As a result, excise duty has been increased as opposition parties, including the central government Congress, have demanded a reduction in prices before 2004.

In Delhi today Gasoline 69.87 per liter and Rs. Diesel It was sold at Rs 62.58.

The last one was in July last year. Diesel Over Excise One paise was raised per liter. Now Excise One liter of petrol costs Rs.

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