Government will focus on export of 12 sectors including textiles: Push Goyal

Commerce and Industry Minister Push Goyal said that the central government is focusing on 12 sectors, including textiles, to curb India’s exports.

The textile industry currently exports $ 3,700 billion. He said the textile industry could raise its acceptance value to $ 1.5 billion in the last ten years. He added that India’s exports to the service sector have increased significantly and added that India is working on good governance plans.

In December, India’s exports declined by 5.7 percent to $ 2.66 billion. In particular, the export of petroleum, engineering products and accessories has declined. Similarly, imports in December declined by 0.883 percent to $ 1 billion. Gold prices have dropped significantly. During April-September this year, exports fell 1.96 percent to $ 239 billion. Imports fell 5 percent to $ 1 billion.

In this context, the government is focusing more on increasing GDP and increasing exports.

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