Gold prices to new heights; How about today

Published by: 19 February 2020 17:22 p.m.

Updated: 19 February 2020 17:22 p.m.

Published by: 19 February 2020 05:22 PM
Last updated: 19 February 2020 05:22 PM


With the rise in gold prices, the new peak has touched today.

The US-China trade dispute is escalating due to the global economic situation. Similarly, there is a war between Iran and the United States. Despite this, there is a general trend in global trade that has been common for several years.

Investors are turning to gold for protection. In order to protect their investment, not only the government, the big corporation also buys gold.

Nevertheless, the Indian rupee has declined sharply against the US dollar. This is also due to the rise in the price of gold. Gold prices have risen significantly over the past few months.

In this case, the price of ornamental gold has risen to Rs. The price of one gram of gold was up by 39 rupees and sold at Rs 3,965.

Meanwhile, the price of 8 grams of gold has risen to Rs 33,304 in the Mumbai market. Gold traders said prices would rise further in the next few weeks.

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