Gold is cheap; How about today

Gold prices have been fluctuating over the past few months due to international economic changes, stock market crash and rupee depreciation.

War tensions between the US and Iran are escalating. As a result, investors are increasingly investing in gold, excluding the stock market and industry. On the other hand, as the demand for gold globally and locally increases, the price of gold has risen so

Gold prices continue to fluctuate after the budget. In this case, the price of gold has dropped a bit.

In Chennai, the price of 22 carat jewelry has dropped by Rs 22 per gram to Rs. Similarly, 24 carat gold and 8 grams of pure gold were sold for Rs 32,496.

Silver also fell

The price of silver has fallen by 49 paise per village. That means 1 kg of silver is sold today for Rs 49,800.

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