Flipkart terminates insolvency proceedings – order of National Legal Institute of Tribunal

The tribunal upheld the bankruptcy order in Flipkart yesterday. Related to bankruptcy proceedings Pilipkart From the bankruptcy proceedings, orders that the assets and documents obtained from the company should be re-signed to the company Pilipkart The company has released NCLAAD.

Close Cloudwalker Streaming Technologies van Pilipkart The company has filed a complaint with the National Tribunal Institute (NCLT). In the meantime, the NCLT issued an order in Flipkart for the month of October in bankruptcy for bankruptcy. In this case, the NCLAAD canceled the order.

CloudWalker Streaming Technologies and Flipkart signed an agreement on December 23rd. Accordingly, CloudWalker has imported LED TVs from Stop Forest Abroad Pilipkart Delivery to the organization. But in just a few months Pilipkart CloudWalker staff reportedly stopped buying TV from Forest. The company said the TVs were dug and suffered damage. That breach of the contract of honor Pilipkart The company alleged that the company had cheated Tk 22.5 crore.

Cloudwalker Company Complaints Pilipkart Denied. As per the contract, the company paid Rs. Pilipkart Dr.

CloudWalker is against the charges Pilipkart The president of the organization, Neeraj Jain, appealed. NCLAD interrogates Amman, claiming that Cloud Walker company did not submit relevant documents Pilipkart The company was released from bankruptcy yesterday.

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