Fears of Coroner Virus: Investors Loss Over Tens of Millions of Tens of Overnight Shares | Market highways: Sensex downturns, nifty coronavirus spreads

India’s stock market has sunk today due to a downturn in the global economy amid fears of a coronary virus. For overnight investors The loss was Tk 7 lakh crore Happened.

Mumbai Stock Exchange traded down 1,941 points at 35,634. This is the lowest point in the last 13 months. Nifty of the National Stock Exchange fell 5 points to close at 5.7.

Investors’ shares have dropped to Tk 1 lakh 27 lakh crore today.

Worldwide The coroner virus The economy of most countries is affected. More than one million people worldwide suffer from the coronary virus. More than 3,000 people have died in China. Also in Central Asia, Europe, Italy and the United States The coroner virus Spreading
Because of this fear, investors started selling shares.

Furthermore, the price of petroleum crude oil in the international market has dropped today. Saudi Arabia, in particular, has reduced crude oil prices by 5 percent. Russia and OPEC have cut crude oil prices due to non-production. A barrel of crude oil fell $ 32.11.

In addition, the stock markets in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo declined today by percent. The European stock exchange index fell by a cent. This trend was reflected in the Indian stock market as investors started selling shares

ONGC shares suffered heavy losses during the closing of the transaction. Reliance Industries, IndusInd Bank, Tata Steel, TCS, SBI, ICICI Bank and Bajaj Auto were the worst hit.

The Sensex has fallen 5,088 points in the stock market since the budget was filed in 2020-21. Nifty is 1,510 points.

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