Energy, RK Singh energy project to invest Rs 1.334 lakh crore in non-conventional energy projects in three years

Ditional fuel projects have attracted more than Tk 100 million. Said Singh.

In his written reply to the Lok Sabha, he said, “Between April 2017 and 2020, Tk 1.34 lakh crore has been invested in non-conventional fuel projects. Most of the projects are run by private companies. He said that these projects have the permission to operate them in open bidding.

The Indian government has set a target to produce about 500 GW of conventional power by 2022. Of these, 100 gigawatts of solar power and 60 gigawatts are to be produced by wind. He said restrictions on increasing FDI in the sector would be eased.

He noted that for the current financial year, from April to January, there was a production of 5 MW of electricity for conventional fuel. In the last financial year, 5,980 MW was built

Mineral Law Amendment Bill

The Mineral Law Bill on Coal Production was passed in the States yesterday. Accordingly, companies of all types, domestic and foreign, can participate in auction related to coal production. The amendment bill was passed in the Lok Sabha last week. It was passed in the States yesterday. Three members of the Rajya Sabha supported the bill. 12 members protested.

Coal Minister Prahladan Joshi has said the legislation will increase leverage in the coal sector. He said that as a result, imports of coal were declining.

Coal mining is permitted only for steel and power producers. Other companies are participating in the coal auction Law amendment bill Have been brought As a result, the coal mining industry is expected to increase and increase production.

The Insolvency Bill

Bankruptcy Second Amendment Bill was passed in the States yesterday. The purpose of this bill is to solve the problems that foreign companies purchase in bankruptcy proceedings. In December last year, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman submitted the bill to the Lok Sabha.

It was spread last week. In this case, it has been applied to the states. Asked why the central government is amending every law to discuss the bill, the central government is now dealing with the situation. Nirmala Sitharaman said the decision was made with great planning.

Power in the port

One of the major ports to provide autonomy to the 12 major ports in the state Power A related bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

The purpose of the bill is not to sell the public sector face to private parties. In contrast, Minister of Shipping Manchuk Mandavia said the bill was created to give Portmen the right to make decisions according to the environment.

The bill was unclear and opponents claimed to have drafted a new one to eliminate confusion. The Indian government has set a target to produce about 500 GW of conventional power by 2022.

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