EMERALD CHAT Smackdown! – Login @ www.emeraldchat.com

In the modernized technological world, we almost have everything out in our Hand except some few things. And definitely getting socialized with people is one of it for sure.

Even though there are a lot of things like mobile phones, online chat, facebook, WhatsApp to chat with the people still it is difficult for the people to socialize with other people like the way our parents have socialized with others.

Actually this reduction in socializing with people has decreased out mainly due to the technology because like we people are always get glued to our mobile phone or our laptop so that we don’t get a chance to talk with the people and as a result of this it leads to lots of problems in the relationships and family.

How to Get Started with Emerald Chat

For the past 6 years, the journey we have gone through is really a difficult path actually, though it is a difficult one still there are lots of positive things with we have learned throughout this journey.

EMERALD CHAT Smackdown! - Login @ www.emeraldchat.com

And the hope is which has kept us going throughout here and this makes us feel right over the times we have come. The decisions are what kept us alive throughout all the competition that we have faced out so far.

So here in this over here there are lots of people who were still struggling to get started with the Emerald Chat and this is a guide for those who need this to get started

Security Check

First steps are that you are getting into the page of the Emerald Chat which is like the login page actually what we are talking about getting over there and then next you gonna face out our Security Check.

It’s just a simple check to know whether you are a bot or human. Once we confirmed you are a human then you are allowed to pass through the next step.

Select your Gender

Selecting out your Gender is going to be next step, select male or female because this is what helps our server to find out the persons you are needed.

Choose your Nickname

After that, you’ll be asked out to choose a nickname of your choice and this is not compulsory one you can skip it and do it sometime Until then we’ll give you a temporary nickname.

Also, you can add images too in the next step you want or else you can skip this too no issues.

Select the tags Search

It is actually an option for you filter out the persons you need to speak or chat with like if you select out tags like lonely or depresses then our server is gonna find you the persons with the same mentality like someone who has used the same tags.

Choose Type of Chat

After that next choose the type of chat that you want to do like whether single chat or group chat or video chat. And you have to remember that its gonna take some time like 3 minutes to maximum sometimes to find you the suitable person.

If you want to skip the person and move to the next one then choose out the skip option which is available for all three types of chat.

Make changes to your Account

After all, things are set now it’s time to manage out your account like you can change your nickname, add photos to your Account which makes your profile more strong.

Make all changes that you need to do with your account over here in this section itself.

Deleting your Account

We always welcome new people to the chat and like that we always respect the decision of people who don’t want to stay with us and that’s we have set up an easy account deletion process.

Visit Official Website of Emerald Chat

How Emerald Chat gets Started

We all know that Omegle Chat was the first online chat platform which has went live all over the world and it was actually a massive hit too during the time it was started.

But after that lots of same sites have emerged out what Omegle was doing but actually it is good to have these many sites because Omegle is not able to handle too much of load.

But still, these new sites were not able to get the success of what Omegle has been doing. But one site called Emerald Chat has something special in it which Omegle was not able to provide to the users. And let’s see about that speciality of the Emerald Chat.

Actually there is nothing called so special they deliver the same like other chat forums but what they have made here is that they eliminate the involvement of Bots in the forum here and when asking about this to them they have said that they really worked so hard to eliminated the involvement of Bots over here.

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Special things about Emeraldchat

Emerald Chat More Features

This one emeraldchat is actually so special in many ways which you may have not thought off but yes its actually special due to certain things and we list it out below.

So if you looking out for a chat forum where you don’t need to get signed up and login every time you come in then Emerald Chat is going out to be the perfect option for this.

Plus also this process is absolutely free one and you don’t need to do things like security check and email confirmation things.

The chatrooms in the Emerald are well organised and you can meet out lots of people like you.

Also, emerald chatroom doesn’t force anyone to register just simply enter your nickname and start chatting out with the people you like.

Emeraldchat Users

why made emeraldchat

From the day it has started out the Emerald, people from all over the world have started to use out the Emerald actually.

As per the current year now the statistics have been improved like during the starting emerald chat has users only from the North American regions.

Now it has really expanded out to other countries, like you even Asian countries like India is having 12% of our total users which shows how much emerald chat has reached out so far.

Also other countries like the United Kingdom, Philippines, and other some European countries too.

Working of EmeraldChat

So actually Emerald chat is an alternative of the Omegle Spontaneous Communication site and here Emerald allows you to chat and video call with the person you want to do. First, enter your nickname and then your gender and then start chatting. If you wanna stop chatting with that person then stop and then talk with another person the process is so simple and easy to use.

No Bots Emerald Chat platform is also actually available to all and its no big issue actually.

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Working of Emerald Video Chat

Like the Emerald Chat, this video chat is also a good option that is being used out by a lot of users over here and this is a perfect alternative and you can do out the video chat with any random people that you are meeting actually.

All you just need is a webcam or mobile phone camera along with an account in emerald and the user you wanna talk with.

Do you guys know that even more than chatting people always loves to do video chat with the people because it actually gives them the comfort zone since they can see through each other?

Through this feature, we have known lots of people who have become as good friends and after that, some people have become a life partner.

What you gonna do is just download the Emerald app and then you can video people all over the world within your location itself.


awesome chat app

So the chatrooms are so simple and clear, you can be like in any mood like maybe you are sad, tensed, happy, angry, pissed, bored. You may be in any kind of mood so here the chatroom always you to chat with the people based out on your mood.

There are three types of conversation modes over here actually first is a single on one conversation where you can be able to chat with a random people but remember only one on one.

And then next is a group chat where there will be lots of servers out there actually lots of groups over there and people will be online over there with their nicknames.

So by choosing the random search, you will be joined within a certain group chat and then you can easily chat down with the members who were online actually.

Also, there is an option for you to leave the chat room if you don’t like it and join some other random chatroom if you want.

There are actually lots of possibilities in the chat room for you to meet lots and lots of new friends so that you can even meet some local people who were in your area who knows about the possibilities in the life.

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Safety of EmeraldChat

You may hear about some fact that all the chatrooms are not safe and it’s actually a true thing that most of the online chatrooms are not safe and that’s why we made out emerald chat as one of the safest platforms actually than any other chatrooms over here.

Your personal data and everything related to yourselves is completely safe and there is actually a support feature which you can use it if you come across any issues with the Emerald Chat.

So when it comes to the safety aspects we always gonna provide out the best as we can.

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Download Emeraldchat App

Official Chat App NameWebsite Link
ProvidesChatting Platform
FeaturesAll in One Platform
Google Playstore LinkComing Soon
Apple Store LinkComing Soon

Emerald Chat Coming Soon

The App is coming soon, Use their official website for now.

How to Get Started

The process is so simple actually over here and you already what are the things that you can do it over here in the emerald chat.

So first go into the official homepage of the emerald chat, also you should note that you can also use the mobile app for your convenience and it is truly up to you actually.

After going out into there you can see that there is first something you need to do like first it asks for you whether login or go directly and if you already have any accounts you can directly get logged in or just complete the captcha for security reasons and go in.

Now just select out your gender which is for selecting the type of users you want to chat it will help and sort out things easily.

And then next you need to select the type of chat that you are going to do whether its one on one chat or group chat or video call chat.

Checkout More Features of Emeraldchat

Just choose the chat that you wanted to do and now all you have to do is wait for some time and then meet people.

You can use a VPN to access emerald chat unblocked

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