Egg prices drop further; What is the price situation today? | Egg

Namakkal egg farm purchase price has been reduced by 5 cents to Tk 2.5.

Threatening the whole world The coroner virus It has started to spread in India as well. In India till now 85 The coroner virus The infection is being diagnosed and treated.

Of these, 5 are foreign. Two people have died so far due to the coroner virus. Different state governments followed The coroner virus Several measures have been taken to prevent the spread. The coroner virus People avoid avoiding anime restaurants.

Similarly, bird flu is spreading in several districts of Kerala. Due to this the consumption of chicken and eggs is decreasing. Last month, the price of eggs sold at 5 rupees dropped sharply in one month.

The number of egg users has dropped significantly. One by one the prices are falling. Also, in many states, the number of eggs purchased at lunch has decreased as schools are on holiday. Egg prices continue to fall.

Namakkal eggs today reduced the purchase price of the farm by 5 cents to Rs 2.5.

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