Coroner Virus: China’s US Companies Decline Income?

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the coroner virus will directly affect the income of Chinese companies by 2021.

Chinese authorities say that 1, 6 people were under the supervision of the coronavirus outbreak in China and 2,27,677 were infected. On Saturday, 6,101 people were infected with the virus. According to the report, today 2,5 have been cured and relieved.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, 3 percent of US companies in China will face major revenue losses due to the virus.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai says:

According to a recent survey, China’s GDP declined by more than 2 percent this year.

The coronavirus, which spread tens of thousands of infections to Asia and killed tens of thousands of people in China, could have a direct impact on China’s US companies’ revenue of 2021. Therefore, China’s 5% of US companies will face huge revenue loss in 2021.

Considering this, 60 percent of American companies have taken their employees home from work.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce based in Shanghai.

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