Coronary virus; Several days later the transaction on the stock exchange Sensex recovered 1915.80 points

The Covid-19 virus, which threatens China The coroner virus It is spreading rapidly in countries like Iran, South Korea and Italy. Covid-1 is spread to many regions of the world, including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada and Cambodia.

The United States The coroner virus Biomass has been purchased. US President Donald Trump announces a 30-day ban on U.S. arrivals from European countries to spread coronavirus.

Nevertheless, people’s day-to-day activities have faded and huge industries have emerged. This has had a huge economic impact. Globally, stock markets around the world are experiencing a sharp decline.

The stock market has recovered a bit after several days of decline. Trading ends until noon.

Sensex’s share price rose 1600 points on the Bombay Stock Exchange. IT shares are growing and doing business.

In the afternoon, the Sensex rose 25 points to trade at 277 points. Similarly, the Nifty traded up 277 points to trade 855 points on the National Stock Exchange.

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