Corona virus echoed: crash in Mumbai stock market; 1448 points reduction

The Bombay Stock Exchange has fallen sharply today.

Many countries’ stock markets were also hit hard after news spread that Covit was spreading to five other countries and threatening the world.

International stock markets have also fallen. Shares in Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong also fell.

It has been reported that the Olympic Games, which are scheduled to begin in Japan this year, may be canceled due to the outbreak of the coroner virus.

This deterioration continues to this day. Since the beginning of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the decline has been noticed.

The Bombay Stock Exchange index Sensex fell more than 1448 points. It traded up 38,297 points.

Similarly, the National Stock Exchange index Nifty fell 431 points to 11,201 points. Shares of several leading companies, including Reliance, HDFC and Infosys, also declined.

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