China’s alternative to export of goods from other countries should be developed: Fiki General Secretary

Dilip Senai

New Delhi

Dilip Senai, general secretary of the Federation of Indian Trade and Industry (FICCI), said that in the current scenario of transmission of the Kovit-1 virus in China, other countries of India should have the opportunity to export goods. The central government should exempt Indian manufacturers. He said other countries should have opportunities to increase production and distribution.

The Covid3 virus is now infected severely in China. As a result, China’s economy also suffers. China accepts and respects the products of different countries. Production has now stopped due to the Covite 19 virus. This has affected supply in other countries. Other countries that rely on China are facing crisis. “India needs to evolve the way it is delivered,” he said.

Indian pharmaceuticals and electronic equipment manufacturers rely heavily on China. Once the Kovit 19 virus began to spread to China, the pharmaceutical plant in the region was shut down. From this point, India buys raw materials for pharmaceutical products. Due to lack of raw materials, prices of medicines are increasing. 68% of India’s ceut pharmaceutical products are imported from China. India imported $ 2.5 billion worth of medicines from China last fiscal.

Offer must be made

Similarly, electronic equipment makers have also suffered. Indian electronics manufacturers rely heavily on China for TV panels, LEDs and compressor components. Currently, supply from China has been disrupted, and these companies are also suffering. As a result, the prices of electronic products are rising.

He said that the Indian government should give concessions to Indian companies and thereby increase investment and increase production.

The possibility of immediate delivery of goods from China by any means, he then said, should be developed in a distribution system for other countries in India.

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