Central government wants to help industrialists: Nirmala Sitharaman


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the central government wants to maintain a harmonious relationship with industry and business organizations. He said the federal government would create a tax-free environment for enterprise-free.

He met with members of the Forest Department of Industry and Commerce in Kolkata yesterday and said that without the intervention of the people, the central government had introduced a tax assessment system to facilitate taxation. He said such changes could be achieved through new technology.

In the context of GST, he said, the state governments should make their main claim on tax deduction only then an atmosphere of dialogue will emerge.

The federal government has consistently warned that strict measures will be taken against financial fraud and tax evasion. Company leaders say they are reluctant to make new decisions. In this case, career failure is not considered a crime. The federal government has just promised to take action against the wrongdoers. A similar announcement was made on the recently announced Butt Jet.

Investments in India have declined. Businessmen are unhappy with the central government’s move. Sitharaman said the central government will help the industry grow.

Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar said, “Honest companies need to have a way to solve the problem of access to est. The Central Vigilance Committee has formed a committee to investigate the credibility and value of the companies and to list them as honest companies and fraudulent companies. “

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