Ccna3 Chapter Three Exam V5 2016


The interfaces must be configured to the identical pace. The duplex settings of the swap ports on both sides of the physical link should northern rescue reviews match. As we all know about the cable capacity, port capability, and redundancy from the network perspective.

EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses or IP addresses, supply or vacation spot addresses, or each supply and destination addresses. The mode applies to all EtherChannels which would possibly be configured on the switch. EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses, IP addresses, or Layer 4 port numbers and either supply mode, destination mode, or both. Use the choice that gives the greatest selection in your configuration.

I would think that Src-Dst-Port would give a extra distributed load on the links in that bundle. Can someone please correct me if I am lacking one thing. EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses, IP addresses, or Layer 4 port numbers with a Policy Feature Card 2 and both source mode, destination mode, or each.

Any swap port that receives a BPDU will ignore the BPDU message. Any trunk ports shall be allowed to hook up with the network immediately, somewhat than waiting to converge. EtherChannel makes use of bodily ports which have been upgraded to supply a quicker connection. Type 3 and sort 5 LSAs are used to propagate summarized routes by default. Route summarization results in high network visitors and router overhead. The packets are used to discover neighbors which are connected on an interface.

Because EtherChannel views the bundled bodily links as one logical connection, spanning tree recalculation is not required if one of the bundled bodily links fail. If a physical interface fails, STP can not transition the failed interface into a forwarding state. Fast EtherChannel permits a quantity of physical Fast Ethernet hyperlinks to mix into one logical channel.

Port security settings on the connected bodily interfaces have to be configured to the same violation mode. Statically define the Aggregation the links into single logical link also. This mode bypass the configuration of LACP and PAGP Protocols.

A finest apply is to apply the configuration to the port channel interface. The configuration is then mechanically applied to the person ports. Changing the hash may lead to a different distribution ratio among the many hyperlinks if they’re erratically distributed. Using the source/destination IP tackle or the TCP/UDP ports could be higher options. 1 For the 3550 sequence switch, when source-MAC handle forwarding is used, load distribution based mostly on the source and vacation spot IP handle can be enabled for routed IP site visitors.