Broner Tells Pacquiao’s Group He Has Cat, Canine For Them To Eat


But fuck do I hate him, and fuck do I want to see him get knocked out. He has to do something to keep himself related as a outcome of he isn’t at the identical stage as regards to boxing. All feedback mentioning/discussing Floyd Mayweather shall be removed. He doesn’t think he gained the battle. He’s saving face, and/or pondering he can set up a rematch, which in and of itself is delusional. Broner thinking he received that struggle is the most delusional thing I’ve ever witnessed.

A very nice straight right from Broner. Broner with a left hook. Pacquiao lands a right hook. Broner with most likely the best concentrador de oxígeno en walmart punch of the fight with a straight proper and a nice left hook. Pacquiao goes to teh body and Broner with a left hook. Broner shakes his head.

I advocate joining the Discord and intently reading the message that’s sent to you whenever you be a part of the server if you want another help. Now, everybody desires to see his delusional ass get knocked the fuck out by the next welterweight. Most professionals get away with lead left/right. When you first study boxing, they teach you to begin with a jab and finish the combo with the identical hand. This sticks with you for the most part of your career until you’re feeling your reflex and intuition are ok to not get caught. I typically assume Broner does this shit on objective.

Broner defends Pacquiao’s combination well. Pacquiao flurries and makes Broner retreat. Broner simply misses a really big proper. Pacquiao simply narrowly averted bother there. Pacquiao continues to lunge in together with his left.

Pacquiao nice left to the body. Pacquiao is available in with a flurry however lands nothing. Pacquiao with somewhat left hand.