Bribery case to expedite refund: Three employees leave Infosys | Infosys


Leading the software companies Infosys The company employs 3 employees Remove Made. Working in the Central Bureau of Income Tax (CBC) Infosys They are employees. In order to send a quick refund amount to income tax payers Take the risk They were arrested and charged.

The agency is investigating the full details of the case and will dismiss three violators for the company’s rules. Infosys Announced. Private company Infosys Take the risk On the received complaint Remove This is the first time it has been done.

Action without superstition

Infosys says it was committed to the policies set by the agency and adhered to the agency’s standards. Action will be taken not to delay the violators.

3 percent bribe

Working at the CBC Center Infosys The employee, with the help of his friends, will speed up the refund process for some of the higher taxpayers Take the risk The receipt was received by the police. Some have demanded a bribe of 5 percent for the refund. Someone provided the audio source to the income tax department.

The Income Tax Department handed it over to the police Infosys The employee was reported to have been involved in such torture. Electronics City Police said three people were involved in the scandal and could be charged up to Tk 1 lakh.

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