Blood pressure can be seen through a selfie video

Published by: August 12, 2019 14:09 p.m.

Updated: 12 August 2019 14:37 pm

Published by: August 12, 2019 02:09 p.m.
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Blood Pressure - watch-through-selfie video

Blood pressure is a relatively new method. Researchers in Canada and China have figured out a way to correctly locate your cell phone on selfie cameras.

University of Toronto psychologist Kong Lee and researcher Paul Zheng have developed the technique for transdermal optical imaging.

It works by making our skin transparent. Optical sensors on smartphones can capture the reflected red light from hemoglobin under our skin. It helps TOI visualize changes in blood flow. This processor was created by a company called Neurology in China.

Testers tested two of the 1,328 self-contained selfie videos using an iPhone camera. The three types of blood pressure were measured with accuracy of about 95 percent. It also measures the accuracy of videos already taken.

The processor offers a 30-second selfie video, which provides heart rate and stress measurements. Neurologists plan to release this process in China soon.

Researchers have been working to determine blood glucose levels, hemoglobin and cholesterol levels in addition to heart rate and stress.

Do not go to a hospital or pharmacy to check for high blood pressure in a high-stress environment. The cell phone can detect blood pressure on the cell phone from your location.

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