Bank branches can be operated in a limited number of cases: Indian Bankers Association Consulting Banking Places

New Delhi

One of the most essential tasks is to implement a limited number of branches in the restricted area in the banking service. Indian Bankers Association (IPA) is painful.

The IPA said in a letter to bank managers that they would be able to implement short-term banking services in certain cases in consultation with state government officials.

On March 22, when a public curfew was announced, there were a number of virus deaths on the same day. So far in India, the death toll from the coroner virus has risen to 7 with 360 victims. Until March 1, the district administration has suspended rail and bus traffic. In this case, the IPA has suggested that banks can operate in limited time in consultation with the district administration.

In this case, the CEO of the bank should be empowered to decide the regional and regional heads of the bank.

It also urges customers to come to the bank branch only when needed and make transactions online and through credit cards. It added that more customers coming to the bank branch will not affect the welfare of their bank employees.

Axis Bank has a fund of Rs 100 crore

Axis Bank has allocated Tk 100 crore to prevent coronavirus infection.

The bank said the funds would be used for preventive measures, including customers, employees, bank suppliers and government agencies.

The bank said it had canceled the savings account and the current account, including penalties for lack of sufficient funds. “At this point, it is imperative for all people to come together and take stringent steps to prevent the spread of the deadly virus,” said Amitabh Chowdhury, CEO of the bank.

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