B-note investment increased to Rs 681,626 crore from PN notes

New Delhi

The stock market continued to decline Participatory notes (B-Note) Investment continues to grow. At the end of February Investment in B-Notes 68,862 crore. This is the second month in which investment has grown.

Registered foreign portfolio investment companies issue p-notes. This has made it convenient for foreign investors to invest.

Foreign investors who want to invest in the Indian Stock Exchange will invest in B-notes. They do not need to register for this. However, you can only invest on favorable terms. According to a press release issued by SEBI, B-Notes had invested Rs 1,662 crore in equity, bonds, hybrid bonds and derivatives in the Indian market in February. In January, the investment was Tk 67,220 crore.

The total investment in equity was Tk 1,2 crore, debt securities at Rs 14,739 crore, derivatives at Rs 144 crore and hybrid securities at T 77.7 crore.

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