As the financial scandal escalates, the government plans to strengthen the serious fraud investigation system

As the financial scandal grows, the government plans to intensify the serious scandal. It decided to double the number of investigating officers.

Increasing fraud in companies. And these scams are very complex. This has a major impact on the economy and the organization’s staff. A large number of cases are pending. Corporate scandal, Financial fraud Injeeta Ainivas, the agency’s secretary, said the government’s editor-in-chief, Inzeet Lawyer, said the government would increase the number of officers from the agency to investigate serious fraud.

He said that every year, the number of cases pending is 90, with 20 to 30 new cases being added. He mentioned that according to the number of officers required.

There are currently 5 officers in this investigation system. The number is expected to rise to 350 through the selection of qualified and specialist professionals.

They plan to create practical guidelines for fraud investigations. A 12-member high-level team has been formed under the leadership of Injedi Anees.

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