Apple TV + Streaming Services: Subscriptions are being offered at Tk 99 per month

Apple launched its streaming service on November 2 and the subscription for this service in India was fixed at Rs.

Netflix has long served as the world’s largest streaming platform. Until recently, it had no competition in the market. With Amazon launching its Prime Video service, other large companies saw the value of this market and how it could earn it.

Disney subsequently decided to shift all of its work to a new streaming service called Disney +. Disney + will be on the market soon. Apple has also begun rolling out its streaming service since 2016. Apple TV has now launched a streaming service called.

The service will be launched internationally internationally in hundreds of countries including India from 7 November. Its subscription price in India is Rs. Free use for one week. New one-year subscriptions will be offered on Apple TV + for new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and iPod touch buyers. You can use any Apple TV + account at an additional cost of six.

The company has invested $ 6 billion to create exclusive series and images for the Apple TV + platform. Specifically, the cost of Hollywood’s leading star-studded web series ‘The Morning Show’, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, was captured as more than ‘Game of Thrones’.

Also on Apple TV, a series directed by Steven Spielberg, a series starring ‘Captain America’ starring Chris Evans, a series starring ‘Acaman’ star Jason Momo, a Star Trek series directed by Jay Abrams and a series of Manoj Knight Shyamalan productions. . And a new show is being planned and work is underway with Bri Larson starring ‘Captain Marwala’, ‘Thar Ragnarok’ director Tiga Waidi and international television celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

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