Although the coronavirus is rapidly controlling the spread of the virus, it does recover the industry for 9 months with the Covid 19 virus.

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We need to quickly control the spread of the coronary virus. Industry experts say it’s been nine months since the industry was able to recover from the effects of the restrictions.

The coronavirus has made a huge impact internationally and put the economy in danger. The possibility of an immediate recovery from the current situation was nowhere to be seen. Especially in countries like India, who are returning to the pace of growth, this has had a huge impact.

The World Health Organization has declared the coroner virus a major catastrophe. Have died in India till now. John. It should be restricted to the next quarter from April to June. However, companies can only work for the remaining three quarters of the financial year. The International Federation of Industry Associations (ASF) has stated that the situation will continue to deteriorate internationally and the supply chain will be ineffective.

Most companies have asked their employees to work from home. Businesses have shut down businesses altogether. Some business hours are shorter. In this case, it is not immediately possible for the customer to gain credibility and come forward at a generous expense.

In the meantime The coroner virus Indian industry has had a huge impact. Internationally, the economy has suffered greatly. Economic growth has stagnated. According to the Federation of Indian Industry Federation (FICCI), China is particularly vulnerable. The fourth quarter of the current fiscal year showed signs of growth. However for the present The coroner virus Impact has completely hindered development. Fiki added that the chances of recovery are much higher. It noted that although India’s economy is moving towards growth, the economic impact of other countries will greatly impact India.

The faster the virus spreads, the more the restrictions need to be tightened. Assocham emphasized control of freight and transport. The Indian industry, which has faced economic stagnation for a year, is now suffering from coronavirus, Assocham said.

Assocham noted that not only India but other countries of the world should take steps to prevent the spread of the virus in this national environment, but also accelerate economic stagnation.

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