AGR topics of telecommunications companies; Supreme Court rejects self-assessment: total arrears payment order | Supreme Court

Telecommunications companies are providing a self-assessment on AGR Balance. In this case, the self-assessed companies violated a court order. In that case, the telecommunications companies and the telecommunications industry that allowed them to self-assess have humiliated the court. Their actions may never be acceptable Supreme Court Yesterday was an intense condemnation.

It also demanded immediate payment of interest and penalties to the arrears of the previous judgment.

Arun Mishra, Abdul Nasir, MR. Yesterday, a session of the judges of the Shi’a arrived earlier. Judge Arun Mishra then said that after several counts, the AGR balance had been finalized. So on what basis are companies allowed to conduct self-assessments? Who approved? It was an act of complete contempt of court.

Telecommunications companies must pay a certain amount of money to the government in terms of its revenue for radio broadcasting. Accordingly, telecom companies, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Tatadeliser Services, will have to pay Tk.4747 lakh crore to the government. It was supposed to be paid on October 27, last year, through January 29 Supreme Court Order has been placed. On January 26, the company asked the telecom department for a time when the balance could not be paid. The Department of Telecommunications has announced that it will not take action against the companies until a final judgment on the request is received.

The trial comes after a February 7 hearing. The Supreme Court then raised the question as to why the arrears were not paid and why were they given time on that basis? The next hearing also ordered the payment of total arrears. Later, the telecommunications industry emphasized that telecommunications companies would pay self-assessment and pay arrears.

According to the court order, Vodafone Idea owes Rs 5 crore, Airtel Rs 4 crore and Tata Television Rs 1.5 crore. However, according to self-assessment, the total value of Airtel is Rs 13,004 crore, Vodafone Idea Rs 21,533 crore and Tata Telecom Services Rs 2,197 crore. In this case, self-esteem Supreme Court Has been canceled. Till now, only Tk 20.25 crore has been paid out of Tk.4747 lakh crore.

At the end of yesterday’s transaction, shares of Vodafone ID have fallen 34 percent and are trading at Rs. Similarly, Airtel’s share price fell 3.23 per cent to Rs.

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