7.70 lakh crore financing scheme for the poor: Central Government has announced Locked down 1.7 million crore package for the poor

New Delhi

The government has announced a special financial project of Taka 100,000 lakhs for the poor and the unemployed, imposing a curfew of 28 days due to coronavirus infection.

Both the federal and state governments were aggressive in their efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However in India Floral crown The number of people infected with the virus is constantly increasing. Floral crown Curfew has been issued because social space is needed to control the virus.

A curfew was observed across the country last Sunday. According to Prime Minister Modi’s announcement, curfew has been implemented in the country.

As a result, shops were closed and factory production was hampered. There is concern that the country’s economic growth will suffer greatly.

In the meantime Floral crown The government has announced a special financial project of Tk 1 lakh crore for the poor who are making a living due to a 24-day curfew due to viral infection.

He says:
Several measures have been taken to prevent coronavirus infection. Poor workers are out of work due to curfew. Migrant workers, in particular, have suffered the most.

The state has a duty to protect their livelihood. One should not even starve. Therefore, a special financial project of Tk 100,000 lakh has been announced for the poor people who are making a living.
In doing so, he said.

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