47th Indian International Backpacker Exhibition Opened in Tripura New Growth Policy Improves Industry: State Handlooms and Textile Director Confidence

Director of State Carpentry and Textile Department. Karunakaran said that inaugurates the 47th international backpacking exhibition in Tripura tomorrow, with a new geopolitical industry in the future.

The exhibition concluded on behalf of the Cooperative Export Development Corporation (ABC) and the IKF Consortium. Textile director M Karunakaran inaugurated the exhibition:

Tamil Nadu is a major player in the textile industry in the country. In view of its importance, the zoological principle was published last year. According to that policy, we will promote the development of co-ordinators, existing sectors, backward departments and key sectors, provide a separate set of stimulus funds to each sector, and publish our own governments soon. Specifically, orrow lending companies have converted 4 percent interest deductions into 6 percent labor force.

Labor policy encouraged the establishment of industrial parks, small art parks and large industrial parks. There are various discounts offered to entrepreneurs in the South. The new geopolitical policy will help the development of industries in Tamil Nadu in the future, he said.

Apsis president A. Saktivel says: “The Tirupur exhibition will highlight the needs of the future by making cotton and synthetic fabrics. For the past 3 years, knitwear export has been a boon. We hope the economy will change after this exhibition. India is looking to India, not just China, to rely on foreign traders. This will benefit our export growth.

According to the exhibition, top branded knitwear makers, both local and foreign, showcased their products and newcomers.

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