436 crore fraudulent GST receipt for making fake GST receipts

New Delhi

Authorities have arrested three men for allegedly forging Rs 436 crore in payment of goods and services duty (GST).

GST officials in central Delhi have found that 17 companies have submitted fraudulent GST returns. The amount requested for the forest return is Rs 11.55 crore.

None of these companies are acting at the address they are referring to. Authorities discovered that fraud was reported with the help of employees who bought the Howla system. Officials said employees of the bank were also being investigated.

The 17 companies that submitted the GST return form are paper only. It is noteworthy that there are no companies in the area. Investigation revealed that these companies had fraudulently filed for input tax (input tax) offers.

Asif Khan, Rajiv Satwal and Arjun Sharma were arrested and sent to judicial custody. The investigation proved that the three companies and ১ 17 companies were prepared and paid for making documents such as an input tax tax of ।66 crore. All three are relatives.

Officials say they have escaped the investigation for the past one month.

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