$ 25,000 Billion Impact on US Government: Government

China will arise and threaten the world Quiet 19 Because of the attack International GDP The industrial trade firm BHDCCI says it was severely damaged.

The supply chain has been cut due to disease. It affected not only China’s exports, but also imports from China.

In this national environment, we need to increase household consumption. DK Kapoor, chairman of the federation, said it could partially offset export declines. Agarwal said.

China contributes 5 percent to the textile trade internationally. From there it is exported to countries including the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, India and the Netherlands. He said that the impact of international trade would undermine global economic growth.

It has the potential to transform the international market into another country. He said the impact of the disease and its severity is the future of the international economy.

International growth will be affected 0.3 percent by Covid 19. It is worth $ 25,000 billion, he said.

In this context, Indian exporters can further illuminate their export opportunities, he said.

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