Top 10 Youtube URL Tweaks, That will make you a Tech Ninja!

Youtube, one of the top 5 video hosting and sharing site around comes with a bundle of features.Here are the top 10 URL tweaks you should know to make your life a little bit more easier with youtube.

1. Switching between HQ( High quality) and normal quality videos – Ever saw those HQ buttons at the bottom of a youtube video? Many of these videos comes with the ability to switch to a HQ format. So,the next time you get an youtube link simply add &fmt=18 or &fmt=22 to check for higher quality format of the same video.

2.Play it in high quality on your site! – Ever wondered how you can embed those nice high quality videos on your site? Add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 or &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 to get a 480×270 or 1280×720 high quality embedded video on your site.

3. Skip ahead – Ah, still waiting for youtube to get to that part that you have been waiting for and the clumsy youtube scroller just wont do? Then just put a small code to the end of that url like (#t=04m45s) and go directly to the video at that time .4. Remove that search box ! The youtube search box is just bugging sometimes when you embed a video on your site. You can hide it by simply typing &showsearch=0 to the code.

5.Clip the clips
. Only want the juiciest part of that video on your site? Add &start=XX (XX in secs ) to the end of that url and you can clip right off those videos.

6. Play the video on page load. Add &autoplay=1 to your video and your video will play as soon as the page loads.

7. Loop that video!
 Add &loop=1 to the link and the video you embedded will play in loop.

8. Switch off those relations
 – Put a &rel=0 to the end of your video and your embedded video wont show any related videos.

9. Regionalize,Capitalize! – 
Ah,youtube not showing that video you craved for just because you are from another region? Change the watch?v= to /v/ and you can see the video wherever you are. to

10.Download those youtube videos – Want to grab some of those videos? No need for any plugins or for those desktop gadgets. Just change that URL domain to and you can download all those nice videos that you like from youtube.

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