How to Do a Perfect Google Search? – Noob Friendly Guide

To make a perfect Google search you will have to be familiar with some basic syntax supported by Google. Let’s take a closer look at some of these searching tips.

To find all words: To finds results containing all the words in the search, give the words separated by spaces.

To find a phrase: To view results containing the exact phrase, give the phrase in double quotes, note that single quote won’t work in this context.

To exclude certain words: To view results which doesn’t contain a particular word but include all other words, just give the word to be excluded separated by a hyphen.

To search for items with some text present between the keywords: To do such a search add an asterisk sign between the keywords where the text is expected.

To search for specific sites: To view results from a particular region check on the button next to the pages from the text.

To show results from a particular site after the keyword give the name of the site preceded by the keyword “site:”

To search for definitions: To get the definitions of the keyword prefix the word “define:” to the keyword.

To search for a particular file type: You can search for a particular file type say pdf by typing “filetype:”followed by pdf after the keyword.

The advanced search option: Filling up the form in the advanced search can help you make efficient queries. The interesting fact is that as we fill the form the syntax for the same in the general search will appear on top.

The new tools by Google: Various options for an efficient search including the type of data, age of data etc can be selected from the left side of the window. These tools guarantee the user an enhanced searching experience.

Advanced tools: Also don’t forget to use Google finance, Google directory, Google maps, Google university search, Google code search, Google video search etc according to the nature of search.

The spider is taking care of the web efficiently, so nothing can remain undiscovered. That is the Google guarantee.

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