How to fix slow internet connection after getting infected by virus?

The modern generation potentially can’t wait for anything to happen. They want everything to be in lightning speed, and in the most efficient format. Same is the case with the internet connection speed. Due to the same reason ISPs are competing to provide the fastest connection for their clients at an affordable price. When you are opting a high speed connection for comparatively higher sum they expect the best result. So they can’t afford their internet connection going too slow without any proper reason.

This low speed of connection occurs often after some virus attacks on the system, or due to the infection of some malware or spyware programs. Various instances are reported where the connection speed has become very slow after some virus attack. When you examine the problem you may see that your Ethernet adapter is infected. In some cases the viruses makes the Ethernet card to stay undetected. Common users often get annoyed and helpless by such situations. They can’t do anything other than calling an expert to examine the system, or rather adjust with the slow connection.

But various free utilities are available there which can be used to help you under such circumstances. These utilities can trouble shoot your Ethernet connection and diagnose it’s problems. One of such utility is the Internet Connection Repair utility. This utility can fix the problems of your internet connection caused by some malicious programs.

The utility can

  • Diagnose the problem with your internet connection and take the necessary steps to fix that problem.
  • If there are any connectivity problems like undetected Ethernet cards etc , caused by certain spyware, malware and virus programs, the utility will fix them. And will make the system connectivity free from any such infections.
  • For Windows XP and Vista the utility also repairs the system registry and alters the Winsock settings for increased performance.

The product claims that it can help you  to

  • Diagnose and automatically repair the most common connection issues.
  • Solve complex connection issues by providing easy step by step instructions.
  • Pinpoint issues and direct you to the right support contact for further assistance.

Getting started with the Internet Connection Repair utility is simple. Just click on the “Run Test” button in the window and you are done. Now follow the simple instructions that appear on the screen as the process progresses.

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