How to copy data from a virus infected pen drive?

Nowadays pen drive has become one of the important medium of portable data storage. Because of the user friendliness, higher degree of reusability, large storage space, and speed of transfer had made it favorable over other medium like CD/DVD ROMs. It is easy to handle, comfortable and economical as well. But one of the serious drawback is it is highly susceptible to virus attacks and is considered as the major medium in spreading viruses these days.

The important issue arises when you realize that one of your important data on your pen drive is virus affected and you can’t copy it to your computer because it may also affect your computer, or in some cases you can’t even open that particular file. Ultimately what happens is you format the drive and you lose your valuable data. I have my personal experiences of various color labs didn’t accept my pen drive because of fear of viruses and I have to make the contents on a CD to get it printed. So if there is any way for safe methods to back up your data from a virus affected pen drive you can avoid such situations of data lose, and the shop keepers can fearlessly accept data in pen drive. In this article we can check some of such methods, in fact two of such methods to be more precise.

Step By Step Guide

The first one is more of a windows standard method to back up data from a removable device. You can follow the steps below.

  • First of all disable the autorun. Autorun of removable devices is the major path of virus attack on a system. Even if you trust the device before plugging any removable devices make sure that the autorun is disabled.
  • Please don’t double click on the pen drive icon in My Computer to open it. Though it is the general practice it is really harmful just as the autorun.
  • Right click on the pen drive icon in My Computer.
  • From the window that drops out select properties. Select tools from the properties.
  • In the tools you will see the option to back up. Select that option and choose the files you want to back up.
  • Set the destination for the marked files to be stored on your computer.
  • That’s it, you are down. Now you can format your pen drive without any fear.

The second method makes use of an alternate Windows Explorer called the Free Commander. You can download the Free Commander at . Let’s move on to the quick steps for backing up data safely from your infected pen drive.

  • Start the Free Commander and on the top menu click on the removable pen drive’s icon to explore the contents in it.
  • Now you can see all the files including the hidden ones within the pen drive. You can select the files which you want to back up and copy them to your computer.
  • As you can see all the files including the hidden ones, you can simply identify the virus files within the drive and delete them.
  • Now you can either select and delete the viruses from the pen drive or format it.

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