BugMe! Sticky Notes for iPhone from Electric Pocket

Finally Electric Pocket Ltd has released their iPhone version of the ever popular BugMe! This fabulous reminder cum note taker app lets users jot quikly doodles and notes with fingers as their pen, just as if a digital sticky note. For over a decade, smartphone users have been using BugMe! as an indispensable tool. The recent release of the app to iPhone users has been welcomed with open hands by BugMe! enthusiasts all over the world. Most of the users are glad that they get to use this application, which was previously available only for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. “BugMe! for iPhone has answered all the long-time pleas of users who were missing such a faithful old friend!” expressed Electric Pocket’s chief products officer, Barclay.

The handwritten notes of BugMe! can be organized and kept for future reference and can be shared easily by Twitter or email. Users can even set an alarm time for their notes and BugMe! will remind them when the task is due. The new release of BugMe! includes an additional feature called “Save to Home Screen” in which a copy of the notes made, can be saved onto the iPhones application launcher screen. This feature enables the user to drag and position the notes with any application icon and hence reminders can be kept in a neat, visible and organized manner on the iPhone home display screen at all times.

The iPhone’s BugMe! version includes an added option for its users to choose any colored paper style or photos from the album to write their digital sticky notes on. Users can also quickly take a snap and jot a note directly on it and place it as a reminder. This innovative tool is available in the Apple App Store currently at price a of US$.99.

The iPhone’s BugMe! is sure to be an instant hit among iPhone users worldwide. Immense popularity and a unique combination of substance and style will surely bowl any skeptic over and out. BugMe! has yet again made us realize, there is a child sleeping in every adult.

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