Windows 7? Best windows ever?

With microsoft’s latest windows, Windows7 they plan to recapture the market they lost. As we all know, with the release of vista many users found it irritating and didnt quite provide for what they were charged. With Windows 7,microsoft plans to turn a new leaf and recapture all their users. So whats new in windows 7? Let’s take a look.


One of the major problems with Windows vista was that its user account control gave too many alerts and led users to either completely disable it or even downgrade to windows xp. With windows 7, microsoft brought back UAC with an improved interface to limit the number of prompts given by UAC to the user.

Although many still criticize the fact that setting UAC to a lower setting makes the system vulnerable, its better to have a little security than none at all.

Security Alerts, Be gone!

Like the UAC, security center alerts was another irritating fact that many users left vista for Xp. Now with windows 7, you can set to disable specifically the security alerts that you dont want to see.

PC safeguard.

PC safeguard is microsoft’s new software for windows 7 to protect the boot drive. Although the idea isnt a novelty, the addition is certainly a welcome. One of the main concerns that a multi user system will face is malware and other applications downloaded by various users. With PC safeguard, you can set it so that your computer will be safe from downloaded stuff. How it works? Well, the Safeguard once set will dump all changes to the boot drive when the user logs off.

New features in IE 8

With smartscreen filter,IE8 which comes bundled with Windows 7 promises to warn the user of phishing sites and suspected sites that contain malware.It also provides a filter for cross site scripting,a domain highlighter and an inPrivate browsing to keep all your privacy safe. With all the claims, maybe windows 7 might be better than we all thought. Only time will tell.


Applocker is another tool which if it works as it is meant to would make windows a very safe place. The applocker can be set which programs can be run or not on a user system. A user can allow some programs to run without prompts by looking at its content signing. All in all, a more flexible tool than what microsoft used to provide through XP and Vista.

So what does all this mean? Well, with competitors like Linux which offers free and a large number of distributions and Mac Microsoft will find it harder than ever to sell their software to users. Granted, a large majority of users around the world are familiar with windows. But with more and more user friendly interfaces offered by its competitors, people are thinking twice before they buy windows these days. Microsoft should provide more than just an Operating system to attract users from Mac and linux back to their product.

Windows 7 does bring to the table a lot of features, in time we will know whether its worth the price as well.

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