Protect yourself from Bluetooth hacking.

Bluetooth has become the popular data transfer technology nowadays. It allows users to perform activities like, transferring files between a mobile device and a computer, streaming voice and audio calls, and many more facilities. But this technology is susceptible to breach attempts or hacking. This phenomenon is called as Bluesnarfing. There are several ways to prevent Bluesnarfing attempts, but the first step is to learn something about the problem itself. Bluesnarfing is the process of unauthorized access of information from any wireless device through a Bluetooth connection. The level of access may vary from case to case; in general, it involves hacking of anything stored on the user’s mobile device, including email, text messages, calendar data, contact lists, photos and videos etc. Bluesnarfing requires special software, as well as the “pairing.” process. The chance of Bluesnarfing without the targeted phone being paired with the computer running the hacking software application is very little, but we cannot completely avoid this possibility either. The steps to prevent Bluesnarfing are discussed below. The first thing to be noted is that turn on the Bluetooth feature of your phone only when it is required. Make sure that the device you are pairing is a trusted one. Do not accept any pairing request from any unrecognized source. If you pair with a hacker’s computer, all the data in your mobile will be at risk. Keep a very difficult pin which contains several alphabets and numbers for pairing. Also, frequently change the passwords. By ensuring these security steps, we can prevent the data loss through Bluetooth hacking.

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