How to defragment your computer?

Defragmenting your computer will improve the performance of your system. The files gets scattered in the gard drive over a course of time as we use the system. So it will take much time to gather information from different locations on a harddrive and thereby makes the system very slow. To fix the issue the windows provide a tool called disk defragmenter. Here is how defragmentation is done. As defragmentation will need a good amount of processing power, it is better to close all other programs.

  1. Click start menu.
  2. Click All programs
  3. Click Accessories
  4. Click System Tools
  5. Click on Disk Defragmentation
  6. Choose the hardware you want to defragment
  7. Now select defragment now.

It may take a few hours for the defragmentation to be done. Reboot your system after defragmenting.

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