How to control your PC from remote place?

Accessing a remote PC enables one to access remote data; troubleshoot a remote PC and even take the full control over a remote PC. Usually it is a common task for network administrator. Remote access allows a user to control a remote PC as if he were there. There are many remote PC accessing solutions available in the market; but most of them are not seemed to be effective and user-friendly.

The windows XP and VISTA are equipped with built in remote access tool. We can use this feature without installing additional software. This tool allows creating a host machine only in XP Pro, VISTA Business, and VISTA Ultimate; but any version of XP and VISTA can be a client.

To set up a host machine in XP login with Administrator privilege, click the start’ button right click ‘My Computer’ and select properties’. Click ‘Remote’ in the system properties menu. Then check the box next to ‘Allow users to connect remotely to this computer’. To give access to users not having admin privilege; select ‘Remote user’ and click ‘Add’. Enter user names and click ‘OK’. Get back to system properties by Clicking ‘OK’ again. Click apply’ and ‘OK’ to finish.

In VISTA click the start’ button and right click ‘Computer’ and click properties’. Select ‘Remote settings’ in the left pane and click the Radio Button next to ‘Allow connection from the computer running any version of Remote Desktop’. To give access to other users click ‘Select users’ and click ‘Add’. Enter username and press ‘OK’. Finish the setup by clicking apply’ in system properties.

We can set up a client Machine in any version of XP and VISTA. To set up a client in XP click ‘Start’ – ‘All Programs’ – ‘Accessories’ – ‘Communications’ – remote Desktop Connection’. Enter the computer name if it is listed on local networks else enter the IP address and click connect’. In VISTA follow ‘Start’ – ‘All Programs’ – ‘Accessories’ – ‘Remote Desktop Connection’. Enter the computer name if listed in the local network. Else complete URL or IP address if accessing over Internet; and click ‘Connect’. The host system will show its login screen when you are connected. Enter login-name and password. Now the System is under your control; the keyboard and mouse will behave like they are connected to the remote PC.

To end the remote access click the ‘X’ button at the top of the screen.  Minimize the screen to regain temporary control over the local PC. Now no more long phone calls to explain the clicks and key presses and no need to go to the office to solve simple problems as you can control them sitting in front of your PC.

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