8 Awesome Alternatives For Microsoft Power Point

The world is now heading into an open source path where even Microsoft has to suffer losses. There are a lot of open source  tools to replace any Microsoft product. Here is the list of 8 awesome alternatives for MS Power Point.

1. IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations

Lotus Symphony Presentations is one of the free desktop tools that can be used to create presentations and can act as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. The software allows you to create various graphic presentations which can be shared with the audiences using a slide show mode. You will be also able to create presentations from scratch and the presentation templates can be used for a variety of looks.

Symphony saves all your work in the Open Document Format by default. Presentations made in Symphony retain all most all of the attributes of Office 2007 PowerPoint file. User will be able to create a new slide show without too many problems if they are already familiar with any other presentations application. The program also provides support for charts, but the options for adding audio or movies files are not present here.

2. OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice.org Impress is a part of the OpenOffice.org office package and is developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a presentation program having similarities to Microsoft PowerPoint and is a really outstanding tool for creating very effective multimedia presentation applications. The presentation can include special effects, animation, 2D and 3D clip art, and high-impact drawing tools. With Impress you can import and export PowerPoint format files.

The software is even capable of creating flash files (SWF) from the presentation which you have already created and can be played on any computer which has a Flash player support. With Impress the user can view, edit and save files of various formats which include the .ppt format used by Microsoft PowerPoint. The OpenOffice.org Impress users will be able to install the Open Clip Art Library, which can be used to add a large gallery of images useful for a general presentation and drawing projects. OpenOffice Impress is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License and is free software.

3. KPresenter

KPresenter is an easy and flexible presentation application. User will be able to create presentations which contain a rich variety of elements like graphics, text, charts and images. KPresenter can be extended through a plugin system. This makes it easy to add new content elements, new effects or new ways of managing the presentation. All the flexibility and power of the KOffice content elements are present in the KPresenter because of its integration with KOffice.

KPresenter uses the OpenDocument file format as its standard which helps in easy interchange with all the other ODF supporting applications including Microsoft Office. The easy-to-use features include special slide overview view during presentations, support for layouts, support for various different master sliders in a single presentation, a cool transition feature and a useful notes feature. KPresenter is free software and is developed by various developers from around the world.

There are various presentation services available online, which will work fine with any of the latest Internet browsers available, with no installation procedure the user can create and share their presentations online.

4. ajaxPresents

ajaxPresents is one of the web-based presentation editor that allows you to read, edit and save various Microsoft Power Point files (.ppt) and Open Standard Presentation files (.odp). You can point your browser to ajaxPresents and can instantly view and edit the required presentations without even installing any expensive presentation software on your computer.

5. Empressr

Empressr is a free online storytelling tool which allows you to create, manage and share the rich media presentations online. You can upload your images, video and audio for creating a very cool slide show. If you own your own website, social networking page or a blog, you will be able post a link or will be able to embed your Empressr in the site. Empressr also comes with various charting and table tools which allows you to create various dynamic business presentations.

6. Preezo

Preezo is yet another free web-based application which allows you to create various professional quality presentations with the help of an ultra-fast Ajax user interface. You will be also able to reuse images and the content of entire slides from a very easy to use gallery.

7. Google Presentation

The Google Presentation service come from the Google Docs family and allows you to create presentations online and import the already existed presentations into Google.

8. Zoho Show

This online tool helps users for making powerful presentations. The tool is suitable for professionals, teachers, students etc. Zoho Show has various prebuilt themes, several clip arts and shapes which are coupled with various features like drag-and-drop. These features make it an excellent application for making presentations.

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