7 iPhone apps to organize your daily life.

The revolutionary product from Apple has not only changed the way people communicate using a phone, but has added newer dimensions to every walk of life. No other gadget would have influenced almost every walk of life like the iPhone. The iPhone plays the role of the facilitator of a set of very innovative and useful applications, which are available from the App Store.

Here is a list of some of the best apps that could help us organize ourselves better.


Compatible with the iPod and Ipod touch-2nd generation- eTask is short for Enterprise Tasks.The app allows one to view, sync and edit tasks on the groupware server. The app uses the CalDAV protocol for synchronizing tasks with the server. eTask supports Kerio Mail Service[KMS], DAViCal, Oracle Beehive, Yahoo Calendar and Cosmo Chandler. The app is expected to work with other sully CaIDAV capable servers as well. Some of the other features include multiple accounts, support for HTTP and https, user-configurable time display windows.


This multi-functional app allows the user to manage bank accounts and keep a track on spending.It allows you to record all deposits and withdrawals and could easily track all expenses and thus follow a monthly budget.The app allows the user to manage any number of accounts all at one place and even offers a password protection thus providing security.This one is a real helper to be financially on track.


Steecky (StickyNotes) is another one of those simple applications that could be one of the most useful and appealing in more than one way. Steecky is a free web app for iPhone and iPod touch which could be used to create steecky notes to be viewed on the iPhone screen when it is locked and thus acts as a reminder. This could be really helpful and could serve as reminders, simple notes to self, stuff one would want to memorize or anything at all. The app offers about 250 variations of background and other options such as text color and so on.


This one is a free web based app that could manage a project and team. This extremely useful app could be used to share tasks and projects with your team. The user could assign tasks to team members and do more related tasks. The desktop version of the app is more powerful and has more options in it. The mobile version of the app is also available, at i.hitask.com.


As the name suggest, DecisionMaker helps the user to make a decision when in a state of confusion. This one is helpful when there are multiple reasons to support and against the argument over which the decision is to be made. Decisionmaker analyses all the pros and cons and makes a decision if one outweighs the other by a factor of at least two to one. If not for the decision, the DecisionMaker could be used to list and analyze all the points and thus could help the user get a good perspective of it.

My Signature

This one is another simple and useful app which helps to generate personalized signature. To create a personalized signature, one just has to type in the name and choose from a list of fonts and text colors to customize it the way one want. All experiments made could be redone at any point; after the user is satisfied with the signature, the user could tap it and save in the photo library and could be used with emails


Noteshare is another web application that lets the user to create and format a note. Noteshare offers a list of colors, fonts and sizes for the user to choose from. The background could be customized as well. Another attractive feature is the wide landscape keyboard in the landscape mode. Once the note is created the user could embed the fully formatted note with all original features into email. Once configured with iPhone twitter client, the app could be used to send note to twitter.


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