6 spectacular space travel motivated gadgets

1. Anti-Gravity Machine With Globe

This is a device that is exciting as it is new. It has an attractive new globe and can hold a floating picture frame as well. It is a magnetic stand with night light, and holds objects floating in thin air with the aid of magnetic field. All the objects that you float in the air with this device can also be rotated in any direction with the touch of a button. As the picture frame holds a picture on both the sides, this creates the effect of a two-photo frame that spins.

You can also have the night light that shifts through various colours with time. And, do not worry about the floating objects crashing to the floor on power-cut-off. They just get attached to the top module in such a situation. The best thing with this new “floater-device” is that you get to see ordinary things in an extraordinary context. Yes! You do not always get to see an object floating in space that shouldn’t be.

2. Desktop Rover R/C tank – Plantraco tank

This is an innovation that has its inspiration from the Planetary Exploration Misssions of Nasa. The Plantraco Desktop Rover is a Remote-controlled vehicle that also has telepresence capabilities. This Rover can spin on the spot when directed to do so and can also move in every direction. This is brought about through the independently controlled tank tracks. It has a high rating of torque that enables it to ride over obstacles easily.

The storage of the device does not take much space nor does the remote control that fits in your pocket. The Desktop Rover has the credit of being the smallest R/C tracked vehicle sporting a laser tag. This is exactly the tool that every space explorer, especially planetary explorers should be yearning to carry along. The Desktop Rover would be the perfect tool in extraterrestrial landscapes.

3. Laser Cosmos Projector

As the name suggests, the device is a laser projector of the Universe on a small scale. Claimed to be one among the most breath-taking of the modern-day space gadgets, the laser Cosmos Projector is one more step into virtual-reality. This is a device that works based on laser and holographic technologies. It has a powerful green laser that projects a real-time view of the sky and its vastness on your drawing room-ceiling. The projector fills the room with clouds, stars and shooting stars all coming together to create the effects that take you to the next realm of vastness and infinity.

The blue nebulae and the animated star show are all operated at the flick of a switch. The whole set-up creates a three dimensional effect with near and distant galaxies seeming distinct. The features of this Projector are many. The Laser Star Projector lens, Cloud brightness controller, the self-focus ability are some of them. The projector can be turned to any angle to create a virtual-sky in the desired direction.

4. MIG 25 Space Explorer – Travel to Space

The MIG 25 is the opportunity to take a look at our home planet as one would from the outer space. This is one of those dreams that every space travel aspirant would carry along from the childhood days itself. The whole programme includes a two-night stay at Moscow in Russia followed by customs and immigration clearance. You are given a leather flight jacket, flight certificate and a photo containing the Jet and the Pilot on the runway.

The trip launches from a place near Moscow. The trip takes you to 25 km in the upper atmosphere in a MIG-25 Foxbat. Once there your limits of horizon are stretched to about thousand kilometres. The trip is sure to raise you to an overwhelming spirit or as you would call it a state of bliss. There are certain restrictions on those allowed to take part in the program. The individual should not weigh above 120 kg. The height restriction is 6 ft 2 inches and the waist length 120 cm.

5. Moon in My Room – Moon Illuminated

It is the dream of every space watcher to have the moon and the planets at hand and to watch them from close by. The Moon in My Room is one step towards realizing that dream. It consists of an almost accurate curved relief of the real moon, which is to be fixed on the bedroom wall. The remote control along with the device allows you to control the rotations of the moon as you wish.

By default, you can see the actual phases of the moon in your room without a single window opened. The moon turns on automatically in 30 minutes in a darkened room, which can be reset by the user. With the Moon in My Room, you can see the full 12 phases of the moon light up in your bedroom. Along with the device comes a 15 minute CD containing a tour on the different areas of interest of the moon. The instrument requires 3 AA batteries and the remote control requires two of those.

6. MySky

MySky is a real wonder in the fact that it is a treasure house of sky knowledge. It is a fantastic new database that has the ability to identify almost 30,000 celestial objects-what a number!! Just point this device at the night sky, it tells you about each wonder that the sky has to offer to those who look at it. The device adds a bit more zeal to the whole aspect of night-sky-watching by keeping you informed on what you are viewing. When you point the device at an object in the night sky, like a nebulae or a galaxy, it gives a full multimedia presentation about the same.

One more fascinating thing with mySky is that it informs you on the best things to view in the sky depending on your location on the Globe and the location of the Sun with respect to your part of the world, at present. Interesting thing is that it can also control your telescope, directing it towards the most interesting view of the night sky. The device can give a visual guided tour of the stars in your part of the sky and find more constellations than are visible at first sight. It also has real-time sky maps to add to its colour. Do not be surprised if you find a satellite on observing through your mySky, because the device is also equipped with that ability. It has a 6-hour battery and an SD card.

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