6 Must have firefox add-ons for bloggers

Blogging has become a daily activity for a significant population of internet users. Articles referring to blogging as a form of addiction are many. Each blogger is on the constant strive to bring out quality content for the readers, and plenty of research and effort is put in so that each post is presented in a format with plenty of data that could be easily and effectively conveyed to the readers. Other major concerns and efforts for the bloggers would be in the development of each post, search engine optimization to drive internet traffic to respective blogs and so on. Fortunately, several useful add-ons are available, clubbed with the firefox browser from Mozilla Corp.  Each of these add-ons is expected to bring in some value addition to every blog.

1. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a tool developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is basically used for blog editing. This add-on is an extension to the original software which is a desktop blog editing tool. Installing this add-on adds a button to the browser window which could be used to collect data and titles from the current webpage and post it to your blog hosted any blog service-Windows Live, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad or any other. The user could blog the whole of the current page or just selected snippets. The add-on requires (any version of) Windows Live Writer to be installed.

2. Read It Later

Basically, what this add-on does is to save webpages to a reading list so that it could be read later. The list created by the add-on could be accessed from any browser or any device and the list is saved online on readitlater.com by default. The reading list could be synced with any device, anywhere and the page could be added to bookmarks menu-if it deserves to be. The tool actually eliminates the need to bookmark every page that would mostly be of one time interest, but to be read later.

3. ScribeFire

Scribefire is another excellent tool available for the hard core blogger. Developed by Christopher Finke, this add-on is extremely popular as well with over 2,612,411 downloads till date. This one is basically an excellent blog editor that lets you drag and drop formatted texts from webpages, make notes, upload images and post the contents to multiple blogs as well.

4. Zemanta

Zemanta could be described as one very intelligent add-on which expands the user’s blogging experience beyond the ordinary. Zemanta gives the user access images, links, articles, tags relevant to the current text.It encourages re-use and linking to other relevant content very easily-thanks to its simple user interface.Zemanta supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Ning, Drupa, LiveJournal and email platforms like GMail and Yahoo!Mail. Zemanta enables corss platform quoting for blogs and has access contents from a spam-free database of over 10000 sources.The data submitted are copyright filtered as well.
Some of the sources which the add-on accesses are links like Wikipedia,IMDB, Amazon Snooth wines; videos from youtube and 5min; Images from Getty, Flicker; widgets from Google Maps, Slideshare and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter- not to forget BBC and CNN.

5. WebMynd


WebMynd is a very useful add-on which embeds search results from sources the user prefers the most on the right hand side of the poplar search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on. It could even save previously webpages and search content from those sites as well. The add-on offers the user excellent options to disable and enable a wide range of features which could help the user search better. The user could combine from a list of sources which include popular sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Amazon, New York Times, Forbes, CNN, Google books, Digg, Bing and so on.

6. SEO Toolbar

This tool displays the Pagerank, LAexarank, Popularity Index and various other rankings of the current webpage. Some of the other features available in the toolbar are Google Adsense, Enhance, popular PPC Engines site, Miva, Kanoodle, Google Adwords, SearchEngine View on current page, Keyword Discovery, links to SEO related forums, Wordtracker, PrioritySubmit, Link to Wayback machine and so on.

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