10 Features Gmail Should Add/Improve – Would be Awesome!

1. Inbuilt download client

While using Gmail, people usually tend to download tons of data from other servers to their system. Most of the data are from servers which do not support pause and resume function. The corporate users rarely have to face this problem but the home users are the ones that are affected the most, as they face frequent disconnection. Introducing an in-built client in Gmail, that can download the data to the Gmail server, enable pause and resume function would be a wonderful option using which the user can download data to his/her system conveniently.

2.Virtual Keyboard

Crackers and hackers are everywhere around the globe waiting to attack the users with Keyloggersand Wireshark. To keep the users away from Keyloggers, Gmail can provide Virtual Keyboard option during “Log in” session to avoid password theft. This method is being employed in online banking.

3. Document converter

The users receive several files in several formats like doc, Docx, pdf .etc. They may not be having document converters to convert doc to pdf, Docx to Doc, Docx to pdf and so on. Providing a document converter client in Gmail would really help the users in doing their work without having to search, download and install this converter software.

4. Gmail lab pop ups

There are tons of additional features available in Google Labs for Gmail but most of the users are not aware about the multitude of features that can be added to their inbox. Provision of a pop-up client or something similar to inform the users about these extra features would be a great feature.

5. Custom Gmail wallpaper

The basic Gmail doesn’t give an option to the users to put their own wallpapers as background. True, there are a variety of themes but it lacks this particular option. The above-mentioned feature is available in Twitter. It will enable the users to put their family pictures or photos that are dear to them and remain close to their loved ones.

6. Separate chats and emails in search

At times when you’re chatting with your buddy online, you exchange some links or ideas. Later on, when you want to retrieve that particular chat and type the keywords in the search bar, you end up getting a mix of emails and chats which could be unrelated. In short, a separate search feature for chats and emails would be a lot more helpful.

7. Video chat for Linux

Video chat is possible in Windows but it is not possible in Linux. The Google engineers definitely have to look into making this option available as more and more people are turning out to use the Open Source software and operating systems.

8. Increased attachment Limits

To reduce spamming, Gmail has put up limits on the number of mails a single user can send. He/she can send up to 500 mails per day. If the limit is exceeded, the account will be disabled. Also the size of the attachments that one person can send to another has a limit of 25MB. However, when a person sends mails with attachments to a group, the size of the attachment limit goes down to 4MB. But these limits should be increased because of the user’s daily growing need to share and keep in touch with people.

9. Signing in to a Gmail account

Another issue noted is that two people can sign in to the same Gmail account simultaneously from different locations and it won’t be reported to the original user. Whenever the Gmail is open in multiple locations, it should be reported immediately to prevent data theft. In this era of technology, computer data is certainly more valuable than gold!

10. View unread mails

It is a simple feature that is not there in Gmail. The users cannot read the unread mails alone. When the user has few mails in the inbox, he/she can find the unread mails very easily. But when the number of mails shoots up, it is pretty difficult to view the unread mails alone. The users also find it difficult to clean the inbox because of this.

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