Protect yourself from Bluetooth hacking.

Bluetooth has become the popular data transfer technology nowadays. It allows users to perform activities like, transferring files between a mobile device and a computer, streaming voice and audio calls, and many more facilities. But this technology is susceptible to breach attempts or hacking. This phenomenon is called as Bluesnarfing. There are several ways to […]


INTRODUCTION Linux is  an open source operating system.It is a free operating system which have different versions.Linux allows persistent and high performance on networks and work stations.Linux can handle a very large number of users simultaneously. The installation process of Linux is usually fast and easy.Linux programs are coming with user friendly set up and installation […]

How to fix slow internet connection after getting infected by virus?

The modern generation potentially can’t wait for anything to happen. They want everything to be in lightning speed, and in the most efficient format. Same is the case with the internet connection speed. Due to the same reason ISPs are competing to provide the fastest connection for their clients at an affordable price. When you […]

How to copy data from a virus infected pen drive ?

Nowadays pen drive has become one of the important medium of portable data storage. Because of the user friendliness, higher degree of reusability, large storage space, and speed of transfer had made it favorable over other medium like CD/DVD ROMs. It is easy to handle, comfortable and economical as well. But one of the serious […]