2.2 trillion AGR under consideration: Telecommunications companies including Oil India and GAIL decide to appeal the tribunal

The telecommunications department ordered telecom companies to pay its balance on Friday (February 7th) following a Supreme Court order on revenue sharing. In this case, the telecommunications department has asked other non-telecommunication companies but other licensed telecommunication companies to pay this balance. Companies like Oil India and GAIL have said that they are seeking DTSAT (TTSAT) solutions on telecommunications issues.

Telecommunications companies must pay the government money based on their license and actual use of the license. Telecom companies including Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea to the government. 1.47 lakh crore to be paid.

It was also ordered that other non-telecommunication companies but other licensed telecommunications companies have to pay the dues. Companies including Oil India, Gail India and Power Grid Corporation have telecom licenses. These companies have to pay AGR for licensing companies like Airtel and Vodafone Idea. Accordingly, these companies have a balance of Tk 2.7 lakh crore.

The companies filed a petition seeking clarification regarding the Supreme Court order. On February 7, the Supreme Court questioned Amman and said that companies should approach the Telecommunications Settlement Commission. Subsequently, the companies decided to resolve telecommunications issues and enter the Appellate Tribunal.

According to Oil India Chairman and Managing Director Sushil Chandramisra, the judgment of the Supreme Court last October does not apply to us. The functions of telecommunications companies are different; Our operation is different. So we are going to the Telecommunications and Appeal Commission on this matter, “he said.

The company has outstanding assets of Rs 1.5 crore for India, Tk 1.78 lakh crore for Gail India, Rs 26.5 crore for Power Grid Corporation and Rs 15,020 crore for fertilizers and chemicals in Narmada Valley, Gujarat. This is more than twice the number of telecom companies.

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