1 million messages a day; Facebook cannot be Internet Police: Interview with Nick Kligg


Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg said today that Facebook has made mistakes in dealing with user data and is working to clean up its site, but social networks cannot be monitored like police.

In an interview with Spanish daily El Pais, Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs and communications at Facebook, said:

We work with companies that monitor everything published, whether it is true, exaggerated or false.

More than one million messages are sent daily through Facebook’s networks. How can the police monitor it?

Two days before the launch of Facebook, Roger Federer won first place in tennis. Federer’s life is longer than Facebook’s. During this time, Facebook has grown rapidly and become very popular. Seeing its evolution, they forget that it is a very young company with a very strong technology.

Facebook is sometimes faced with unexpected questions. One cannot imagine that the Russians will attempt to interfere with the US election or that Cambridge Analytica will not sell educational user data. Not surprisingly, no doubt. We made a mistake No, I’m not saying. At the same time we are constantly focusing on how to clean our Facebook site.

Faced with a growing scrutiny of its privacy and content practices, Facebook has decided to create a new “monitoring board”, an internal “Supreme Court” that will review appeals for controversial posts by social media companies and its users. The system is likely to be available in the first half of 2020, with many users applying.

Our goal is to minimize errors and mistakes, but we’re not sure we can eliminate bugs or data leaks. Each time a service is interrupted. But that problem has to be solved.

Think we’re removing WhatsApp from the group. It doesn’t change the issues of privacy, terrorism, election interference … Now comes the technology that identifies WhatsApp criminals using the data we have on Facebook.

In 2018, the European Commission promoted self-control of platforms to avoid election interference, but, once the vote was passed, there was still room for report submission.

Every day, we block one million fake accounts. The magnitude of the problem is huge. Most are fake accounts, and we have sophisticated systems in place to prevent unacceptable content such as terrorist content.

Facebook Vice President.

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